Virtual Reality is the real breakthrough in 3d games?

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I remember that the first computer game I played was at a TV set. The game was tennis and consisted of two vertical lines (the tennis rackets) which can be moved up and down and a dot which standed for the ball. I was fascinated. The real fascination was how can I used a TV for playing a game. That was really interaction. The computer games then exploded with personal computers and a lot of interesting games appeared that I liked so much: Snake Bite, Tetris, Packman. Then the capacity of computers let the 3d appear on the scene. As an architect I became involved in the use of AutoCAD and began applying the 3d in the construction of different fuller domes. 3D games appeared then but I still preferred the 2d games I played before. why? I think that was because I could not feel myself inside the game. Realism then increase but to to really play 3d games one still wants to feel the objects which are on there so many preferred their physical toys and cars. I think that Virtual Reality is the missing part to be able for the 3d games industry take off because now the playing field is the same as the one you are positioned or what do you think?