Revit vs AutoCAD

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I was an architect student when AutoCAD appeared on scene for the first time and I was working as a draftsman in an architect firm studio. Completing one plan took me up to 5 days. Even though my skills were improving anytime the ink spilled I had to make use of all my experience to make the error unnoticed and took me valuable time. My brother which was a System Engineer told me about AutoCAD so I went to get acquainted with it at the Computer Center at my University. I was impressed of what the program could do. My real fascination was that it could let me work a plan with a complete exactness, that I could copy items individually (copy) and make hundreds of copies with almost one click (array) and the best of all if I missed or the result was not the desired I could erase whatever I wanted. That was really performance so I began using the program for my University Classes and began practicing with each new AutoCAD version appeared until AutoCAD verticals appeared on scene so I followed the line of Architectural Desktop now AutoCAD Architecture.
AutoCAD Architecture fascinated me because I could now draw walls, windows and doors instead of lines and circles which increased more my productivity and also let me draw simultaneously 2d and 3d. By then Revit appeared on scene, the interface was similar to Archicad but I didn´t payed to much attention to it since I thought the flexibility of AutoCAD and the intelligence of AutoCAD Architecture will be better for me.
By now I am betting all for Revit, and the reason is simple, it can let all the construction players play in a same model: Architects, Engineers, Installation Contractors and Constructors, reducing the possible errors which could represent very high costs and time at the construction phase.